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Martha Raines High School

1732 Katyland Drive Katy, Texas 77493
Main Telephone: 281-237-1500
Fax: 281-644-1781
Principal: Becky Bracewell Tucker
Assistant Principal: Alys Shorter


 Martha Raines High School offers KISD students "a different way to learn, a different path to graduation". The goal of our program is to graduate students who are "work ready, community ready, and college ready". Focusing on project based learning with some supplemental online instruction using Compass Learning's Odyssey program, Raines allows students to earn credits at an accelerated pace while preparing for state testing.

What is "project based learning"?

Project based learning (PBL) allows students to work through projects in small collaborative groups. Each project is carefully designed to meet state standards in one or more subject areas. Students are given background or entry level information then assigned tasks that allow them to explore and research the topic. Throughout the project, the teacher contributes information, monitors progress, and offers support as needed. At the end of the project, students present their completed work in a formal presentation to their classmates, other RHS students, and staff members. 

What does a presentation involve?

The presentation varies from project to project. Students may simply show their animation or website or they may prepare a more formal presentation using SMART Notebook, PowerPoint, or Prezi. In all cases, students are expected to field questions from the audience and defend their conclusions.

 How do students enroll at Raines?

A student must first be enrolled on a KISD high school campus. Enrollment at Raines is by application only. Application forms are available on this website or from the home campus counselor. Once a student and parent/guardian have completed the application form, it must be returned to the home campus counselor for additional information. The counselor will then forward the application to the Raines counselor.

 When are students admitted to Raines?

Students who will participate in the PBL program are admitted twice a year - at the beginning of the fall semester and at the beginning of the spring semester. Applications for the fall semester should be submitted in April. Applications for the spring semester should be submitted in November. A smaller group of students who have passed all Exit level TAKS tests are admitted throughout the year as room allows. Those students work primarily on the Compass Learning Odyssey online program.

What are the advantages of coming to Martha Raines High School?  

  •  low student to teacher ratio
  • recover lost credits/accelerate progress
  • smaller student body
  • embedded TAKS intervention
  • development of interpersonal skills
  • focus on the use of technology
  • development of advisory relationships with staff members


Congratulations, Mrs. Andrea Miller! 


2013 Teacher of the Year for
Martha Raines High School

We are PROUD to have you on our team!



 Watch these videos to learn more about Raines High School.

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